Fast-track your relationship towards more love, joy and connection

...without going to therapy!

A Couples' Enrichment Program

The Relationship Bootcamp is a 4-month intensive designed to tone, strengthen, and nourish your relationship - setting you up for long-term relationship success and enjoyment.

Enjoy deeper connection, alignment, understanding, communication, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment together, in just 4 short months!

Hungry for more connection but don't want to go to therapy?

You don't need to figure it out on your own.

There are tools - things you can do...and we are here to help!

The Relationship Bootcamp


Your relationship health is central to the success, happiness and stability of your family.

When you’re feeling connected, everything improves- parenting, time management, sexual intimacy, joy, productivity at work, quality of life, and much more!

Your family deserves the best chance for success.


Program Includes:

  • Eight training sessions with a certified coach, conducted through video conference
  • Short daily "workouts" to help you build healthier habits together
  • Focused date nights to help you dive deeper into the topics from your training sessions
  • Concrete tips, tools, techniques and perspectives that you can use again and again as your marriage evolves over time
  • Evidence-based research from relationship experts
  • A workbook you can use as reference now and in the future
  • Additional resources for further exploration and nourishment


We have worked with many types of couples: 

  • Heterosexual couples and same-gender couples
  • Fiancés and couples who have been married for 20 years
  • Couples with kids and couples without kids
  • Partners who are not sure they want to stay together...and partners who are sure they're in it for the long-run
  • People who have a trouble and hour to schedule their sessions together... and people who have ample time to devote to their training experience.

Wherever you are.... we will meet you there.


Nourish your relationship and set yourselves up for success.