4-months of Virtually-Conducted Relationship Training

Fast-track your relationship towards more love, joy and connection

...without going to therapy!

Are you...

  • Wondering where the spark went?
  • Overwhelmed by kids, jobs and life?
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner?
  • Hungry for more connection?
  • Afraid for the future of your family?
  • Wondering where to go for help?
  • Feeling like therapy is not a good fit for you?

You don't need to figure it out on your own.

There are tools; things you can do.

There are options besides therapy.


The Relationship Bootcamp is a fun, creative approach that helps you engage with your partner in new, intimacy-building activities that promote alignment, understanding, communication, better sex, and a healthier relationship.

Sessions include education, interactive activities, couples coaching, and habit-building assignments to help you create  growth and long-lasting intimacy.


Program Includes…

  • Eight 1-hour sessions with a certified coach, conducted through video conference
  • Concrete tips, tools, techniques and perspectives that you can use again and again as your marriage evolves over time
  • Evidence-based research from relationship experts
  • A workbook you can use as reference now and in the future
  • Additional resources for further exploration and nourishment
  • A money-back guarantee... because what we care about is helping your relationship thrive!


Your relationship health is central to the success, happiness and stability of your family

When you’re feeling connected, everything improves- parenting, time management, sexual intimacy, joy, productivity at work, quality of life, and much more!

Your family deserves the best chance for success.

Relationship Bootcamp Timeline


Prepare for Bootcamp

  • Read 1 short book (~2 hours)
  • Fill out a questionnaire (~30 minutes)

Meet with your Relationship Trainer

  • Eight 1-hour sessions, held by video conference every 2 weeks for 4 months
  • Book using our online scheduler
  • Evening and weekend slots available
  • Work with the same Relationship Trainer throughout the Bootcamp

Workout Regularly

Just as you would expect to regularly workout in order to get back into shape during a physical bootcamp intensive, so should you plan on committing to daily relationship workouts during our Relationship Bootcamp. 

This regularity helps to establish new habits and patterns that will help support the longevity and health of your relationship.

  • Daily workouts are done individually and as a couple. These typically last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and are meant to be brief, powerful, and easy to integrate into your morning routine.
  • Weekly workouts are done with your partner and typically last for 1 hour.  Half of these will be your scheduled sessions with your personal Relationship Trainer; the other half will be intentional relationship exercises provided by your trainer for the two of you to complete together.


  • Fill out a reflection questionnaire
  • Optional: Share about your experience  or give a testimonial on video so others can hear about how it was for you and your partner going through the Relationship Bootcamp (pay it forward!)


Set your relationship up for long-term success!