Stephanie Meriaux, CPCC


"...A very powerful and skilled warrior who is bringing much needed love and light to this world."

-David, 2017

Stephanie is passionate about mindfulness, connection & authentic relationships. This includes:

  • Empowering you to be your best self- in body, mind, soul and relationship 
  • Illuminating techniques and perspectives that promote inner strength and peace
  • Inspiring courage & authentic presence
  • Breaking down barriers to intimacy

She can help you:

  • Overcome your sense of powerlessness
  • Find your voice
  • Realize you are enough and you are worthy
  • Maintain inner composure during difficult situations
  • Experience delicious, fulfilling relationships 
  • Deepen emotional intimacy
  • Start living the life you're longing to live

Her Superpower:


Embracing adventure with courage & tenacity.

Stephanie seeks lofty challenges both personally and professionally:

  • She has bicycled unsupported across the country
  • She is an Ironman triathlete
  • She has been an outdoor adventure guide & high ropes course facilitator
  • She has worked and trained with leading companies in the USA and France.

She sparkles with authenticity and is a passionate advocate for intimacy. 

What People are Saying...


Brilliant Curiosity

"Your heart is expansive and your patience, presence and curiosity brilliant."   -Katy, 2017

Strong Leadership

"Stephanie is a great example of strong leadership; she continues to amaze and inspire me. She is authentic and vulnerable and sets the tone with her commitment, pushing the limits of her own self-awareness and resolving her challenges while always considering what is constructive for all involved."

-C.P., 2017

Fierce Strength & Truth

"Thinking of you with so much love and esteem! Thinking of your gentle compassion and the beauty with which you wield your fierce strength and truth.”     -Beth, 2017  

The Real Deal

"You are a natural and have already shown me what it looks like to be great while being in relationship. You are the real deal."     -Claudia, 2016

Depth of Compassion

"Some of what I have witnessed in Stephanie is: a depth of compassion; a genuine desire to know and care for individuals; the ability to see many perspectives in a situation and honor the other person's needs and concerns as much (if not more than) her own; kindness and love, commitment to wanting to improve; willingness to do the difficult work of such improvement; unwavering commitment, loyalty and love; humility, acceptance, and accountability for her mistakes, her challenges, her humanity, and her truth; and powerful vulnerability- a willingness to be seen as a 'work in progress', which I believe is a powerful strength."   -Brandy, 2017  


Make decisions out of love, not fear

Love is abundant, expansive, life-affirming, and magnetic. 

Fear, while sometimes healthy, is often life-diminishing. It is our body's way of protecting us- keeping us safe, away from the unknown that change brings.

"Courage is a love affair with the unknown."

It is by stepping into the unknown that we grow. 

Replace judgement with compassion

We cannot pretend to know what another is enduring or has endured; their circumstances are not our own. 

Judgement innately separates us into "us" and "them", which leads to "less than/better than" and "need to be seen as".  It is this "need to be seen as" that prevents us from being in authentic relationships. 

Instead, meet others with unconditional positive regard.

Replace judgement with compassion...and if you can't access compassion, start with curiosity.  

There is beauty in our rawness

Wouldn't you rather be loved for who you are (struggles and all) rather than loved for who you pretend to be (showing a facade that hides those struggles)? 

There is nothing shameful about struggles; we all have them. Connection with another happens when we embrace our humanity, not our infallibility. 


Fitness & Personal Growth Facilitation

  • Certified teacher of the Google-born "Search Inside Yourself" program (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute) 
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute - CTI)
  • Graduate of CTI’s Transformational Leadership program
  • Course designer & instructor for children's emotional intelligence classes
  • Youth and Young Adult Director (Redlands First United Methodist Church)
  • High ropes facilitator, experiential educator and back-country guide (Voyageur Outward Bound and the Boojum Institute)   
  • Body Pump group fitness instructor (24-Hour Fitness & YMCA)

Project Management

  • Managed short-term, high-impact software projects up to $1.3M for esri (USA)
  • Product manager for BI dashboards at Maporama Solutions (France)  

Personal Accomplishments

  • Bicycled 4,500 miles, self-supported, across the USA
  • Ironman triathlete (2.4 mi. swim, 112 mi. bike, 26.2 mi. run)
  • Lived in France for 5 years, bilingual French/English
  • Traveled to 26 countries and 48 US states
  • Mother of 3 precious children