Enrich your life through learning, growth, fun and connection! 

Begin with a powerful 6-day retreat:

  • Join with other young adults from around the world
  • Camp-like setting in a beautiful Southern California forest
  • High ropes challenge course
  • Rich, hands-on learning
  • Internationally-experienced facilitators

Continue to deepen the learning for 6 months after the retreat:

  • 1 hour / month private coaching sessions
  • 1 hour / month small group calls
  • Capstone webinar at the end of 6 months
  • Private online community

Upon program completion, all participants will receive a First Degree Leadership certificate indicating 80 hours of leadership development training. 

Our Mission

Empower young adults with mindful, personal leadership skills so they can thrive as leaders of their own lives.


Develop Emotional Intelligence

Of the top 7 skills which influence success, only 1 is related to IQ - the other 6 are related to emotional intelligence (EI)*.

Develop Leadership Skills

91% of millennial aspire to become leaders*.

Set yourself apart by developing the skills now.

Reduce Stress & Improve Wellbeing

Learn mindfulness techniques to proactively strengthen social and emotional wellness*.

Prepare Yourself for Success

Being a leader can happen at home, at work, in love, and in parenting. Embrace life better equipped for leadership, success and fulfillment*.

Find out more & meet our facilitators in our 3-minute video:

Outcomes for Participants


Solid foundation for personal and professional success

Learn how to connect deeply with others and communicate effectively in challenging situations.

Purposeful inner growth and development

Become more centered and grounded as an individual by cultivating skills of self-awareness, self-management, empathy, resilience, fulfillment and leadership.

Competitive Advantage

Impress future employers with your First Degree Leadership certificate and retreat experience.

Personal Empowerment

Boldly step into life and leadership with clarity, confidence, presence and skill.

Program Highlights

Powerful Experiential Education


Interactive exercises, stimulating group debriefs, and dynamic challenges engage your mind, body and spirit so that the learning stays with you long after the course. 

Integrated Science Principles


Leading theories and research provide a strong foundation from fields such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive psychology and leadership development.*

Exhilarating High Ropes Course


The largest natural ropes course in the USA provides a launch pad for First Degree Leadership participants to step forward into courageous, empowered leadership - both during this college retreat and beyond.

Individual Mentorship


1-on-1 mentorship ensures sustained learning and maximizes integration as you navigate through the stresses, joys and challenges of adulthood. 

On-going Peer Support


Guided discussion groups serve as a touchpoint as you contextualize and apply the leadership skills after the retreat.

Skillful International Leaders


Bi-cultural Coaches and Leadership Facilitators have lived and worked in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA, providing diverse experience, perspectives and training.

Book Your Group!


Want to explore bringing this transformational experience to your group of 15+ people? 

Contact Stephanie at or (909) 553-4337.

Meet our Facilitators

Stephanie Meriaux, CPCC


Founder of LuminEssence Leadership

Facilitator & Coach

Nancy Earney, RN, MA, CPCC


Facilitator, Counselor & Coach

Chinatsu Yasuki


Facilitator & Coach

Robert Earney


Facilitator & Mentor