Master your Mindset. Master your Life.

Let's be honest ... we can't remove obstacles, stress or difficult moments from our lives. 

But we CAN master how we navigate through those times.  

We ARE in control of our attitude towards these events.

And... these skills are teachable. 

At LuminEssence Leadership, we offer trainings that combine experiential learning, neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and the latest research from a variety of human development fields. 

Find the program that's right for you...

Organizational Wellness


Search Inside Yourself (SIY)

Born at Google, SIY combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to improve wellness and foster conscious leadership within your organization.

Entrepreneurial Mindset


Mindset Mastery Courses

Develop a bulletproof mindset as an entrepreneur through in-person classes, live webinars and individual coaching.

Young Adult Empowerment


First Degree Leadership

A personal growth program for expanding clarity, courage, & confidence as you enter into adulthood.

Couples Enrichment


Relationship Bootcamp

Fast-track your relationship towards more love, joy and connection...without going to therapy. Connect with a relationship trainer today!

Individual Coaching


Personalized Packages

Just as Olympians use coaches to help them perform at their best, so can you work with a coach to help you navigate masterfully through day-to-day life.

What sets us apart?

We address body, mind, spirit, relationship, and team dynamics, giving you a deep, "felt" understanding of what it means to lead powerfully from within and consciously engage with the world.

We train so much more than just the intellect. Our trainings are based in experiential learning - so you learn by doing. This helps you create meaningful, lasting change in your life. 

Working with clients such as...